Words from the Director

The company Utility was established in 2004, fully committed and oriented towards innovating, developing and manufacturing utilitarian household and other convenience products.
Mr. Dattaprasad Joshi, after working for a number of multinationals for more than fifteen years, founded this company to create products that would make his customers’ lives comfortable and free them from burdens.
Creating and manufacturing futuristic products is the USP (unique selling point) of Utility. Constantly adding and implementing innovative features into existing and upcoming products is Utility’s hallmark.
Utility’s customers crisscrossing the length and breadth of India wholeheartedly endorse the utility and conveniences of functionality in each and every one of its products.

Who We Are

Mr. Dattaprasad Joshi is a man who has the foresight to imagine a futuristic India, especially its villages and small towns enjoying the benefits of well run, developed and maintained profitable small business setups.
As an employee at some multinationals Mr. Joshi had experienced the absence of grass-root level interactions. He therefore decided in 2004 to venture out and foray on his own as a business developer.From 2005 to 2017 Mr. Joshi has conceived, developed manufactured and marketed more than 40 futuristic household products, under the company name “Utility & Convenience products”. These products, having been bought by thousands of customers have satisfied their end users across India to the utmost level.
With a formidable range of more than 28 years, Mr. Joshi has now undertaken the Herculean task of building a Small Business Development Management Course specifically for the aspiring populations of rural and small town areas of India. At present, such courses are all urban-centric, frightfully expensive and concentrated only in big Indian cities.

Considering the huge number of able bodied employable youngsters of India, this rural and small town oriented course has the tremendous potential of our youngsters’ dreams of wealth and success turning into a concrete reality.
This Small Business Development course has been designed in a manner that its syllabus encompasses all education related activities. Theory and practical sessions, industrial visits, and personal interactions with industry leaders and pioneers also form part of its activities. Additionally, hands-on training sessions will also be provided at Mr. Joshi’s well run industrial units where a number of utilitarian items are produced. This six-month course with a completions certificate, engenders a feeling of confidence and also contributes to the Skill India program by making the participant feel proud of belonging to an emerging India on its path towards prosperity. A sense of belonging and a feeling of patriotism are emotions that are integral to the culture deeply integrated within this course.

A number of newspapers, magazines and social networking sites have material on Mr. Dattaprasad Joshi and his highly productive enterprises. For details on various aspects of the present business, you may visit our websites www.barbequepune.com, www.whiteboardstand.com, www.clothesdryingstand.com, for further information. We await enquiries/feedback/suggestions from you.

Utility & Convenience Products is a company engaged in the development (from concept to finalization), manufacturing and marketing of highly useful products in Indian households and other areas. Utility manufactures a range of products viz. Charcoal Barbecues, Clothes Drying Stands, White Board Stands / painting Easels, Wood-fired pizza ovens, Smokeless Chulhas etc.
Utility was conceived, nurtured, nourished and developed to its present day huge success because of the indomitable spirit of Mr. D. G. Joshi, a man who worked for many years in multinationals before striking out on his own. Through his vast years of experience and the innumerable pragmatic lessons learnt, Mr. Joshi is on his way to found an institution that will help youngsters, especially those from rural areas, to get rid of their inhibitions and move towards a path of progress accompanied by prosperity and well-being. Mr. Joshi wishes to make his students/protégés/followers into people who will not only be able to think out of the box, but will also be able to turn abstract concepts into concrete realities. This is going to be done through a Business Development Course for rural areas with more than sixty modules to be studied and worked on through on-site practical training sessions.
For the above-mentioned purpose, we need your professional help and expertise in successfully surmounting an assorted number of steps. You have been highly recommended to us as an individual or firm with a huge reputation and goodwill. We therefore would be highly obliged if you could provide us an estimate/quotation in reference to development and launching services, so that we can take professional help from you in your field of expertise. Kindly let us know your rates/prices including your terms and conditions.
On going through details provided by you, we shall definitely be getting in touch with you as soon as possible.
Thanking you in anticipation,